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I am a L.I.F.E. Coach!

Kelly Holland, MS 

M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship, B.S. in International Business, Harvard Business School Certificates,

Founder & President, Career Coach, Financial Educator, Life Coach

Kelly is known for her warm smile and wanting to help others! Founder of L.I.F.E. Academy Inc, Kelly is a Certified Professional L.I.F.E. Coach and Certified Public Speaker. She has coached youth and adults from all walks of L.I.F.E. for over fifteen years. Holding many degrees and certifications, her education and experience is directly connected to promoting job readiness, financial literacy and L.I.F.E skills.  Kelly aspires to create a society that will  recognize personal potential to reach their necessary goals of L.I.F.E.. 




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The L.I.F.E. Skill Institute of Finance and Education Academy is hiring L.I.F.E. Coaches.


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